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Are you puzzled by quantum physics?

Do you find it hard to square the indeterminacy of modern physics with the notion of an ordered and reasonable creator?

Do you find modern presentations of physics confusing, full of difficult jargon and impossible mathematics?

Would you like to read a clear and intuitively-sensible account of matter and light, one that is based on modern experimental results, but without the jargon and specialist mathematics?


Maybe this book is for you! You can read a portion of the first chapter for free here. There is no mathematics or difficult technical language in this chapter.

A new understanding of matter and light that makes sense of the perplexing data of modern physics. Step by step, discover a new way of looking at the atom that caters for the experimental data in an elegant and convincing manner.

Own this fascinating 600 page textbook (written in clear layman's terms) for just 99 cents on Amazon!

Not only does it contain a new and innovative model of the atom, it also summarizes the history of the development of atomic theory in concise terms.

As you will see from the many photos, the author uses lengths of garden hose to make models of various atoms. Does that sound crazy? Maybe! But the models of the atom that result have greater explanatory power than the Bohr atom or any of its more modern incarnations.




The book includes many original thought experiments that throw light on the nature of electricity and magnetism


How often we are given the impression that faith is incompatible with science! But did you know that the Catholic Church has always been in the forefront of scientific investigation? The earliest universities were founded by the Church. Innovations in agriculture and industry from early medieval times were sponsored and driven by the religious orders. Some of the great scientists were devout Catholics, including Fr Georges Lemaître, who came up with the theory of the Big Bang.

This innovative and original book continues in that noble tradition.

In simple layman's terms, it challenges the ambiguous accounts of matter and light offered by contemporary physics. A new model of the atom is presented, making possible a fresh understanding of the transmission of light, the nature of chemical bonding and the structure of the atomic table. The development of atomic physics in the past one hundred years has undermined the view that the universe is an ordered place, operating according to principles that can be grasped by the rational mind. The basic players in quantum systems are believed to be particles without positions, causal processes that evolve in fundamentally uncertain ways. In language accessible to the layperson, this book shows how the empirical data of modern physics can be reinterpreted so that the world makes sense.


Without dismissing any of the experimental findings of the past century, a new concept of matter is presented, along with a new model of the transmission of light. The emission spectra of the elements, the structure of the periodic table, and the patterns of chemical bonding all follow naturally from this new conception of matter and light. The end result is a way of looking at the world that is simple, ordered and comprehensible.

Own this book for just 99 cents on Amazon!

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