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from Vatican Radio

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1. In the first reading, Abraham ascends the mountain to sacrifice his son. In the Gospel, Jesus ascends the mountain and the disciples discover that he is the divine Son that is offered to humanity.

2. By going apart with Jesus, the disciples discover his true identity. We too need to go apart with Jesus so that we can find out who he really is.

3. Moses and Elijah appear with Jesus on the mountain. They represent the Old Testament, which reveals the light of Jesus’ face. We too will contemplate the light of Jesus’ face when we immerse ourselves in the Scriptures.

4. After the Fall, Adam fled from God, not realizing how wonderful it is to be with the Lord. On the mountain Peter says, “It is beautiful to be here!” Peter rediscovers that which Adam had lost. We too can discover the wonder of being with the Lord if we generously set aside time to be with him.

5. Even from the Cross, the good thief discovers that to be with Jesus is to be in Paradise. This Lent may we discover our Mount Tabor where we can spend time with Jesus and learn to appreciate his beauty, just as Abraham discovered the beauty of God on the same mountain.



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