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Launched on September 8th 2018, this website has been designed by three children aged 8, 10 and 11, with the intention of spreading the Gospel to the widest possible audience. With some supervision from their parents, the children have chosen the subject matter contained in the site, and they have been responsible for sourcing nearly all the material.

The decision to create this website was taken on the feast of St Maximilian Kolbe, August 14th 2018. Having followed Fr Michael Gaitley’s retreat, Thirty-three days to Morning Glory, we had learned of the importance of Marian consecration. We had discovered how figures like St Kolbe, St John Paul II and Mother Teresa had conformed themselves to Jesus through Marian consecration. It was decided, therefore, that the website should be dedicated to Mary. If it was the Lord’s will, she would make it fruitful and lead others to Christ through it. So the domain name had to be of a Marian sort, but which name would we choose? After an hour or so of discussion on the evening of August 14th, we came up with six or seven names and put them into a hat. That way the Holy Spirit would have the final say in the decision! The name that was picked out was, surely the perfect choice!

The website was launched on September 8th, 2018, feast of the birthday of Our Lady. Following the example of Pope John Paul II, we dedicate it entirely to Jesus through her – totus tuus!

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