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Miracules and signs as aids to faith

Sometimes it can be hard to believe in everything that a Christian is expected to believe in. Was Jesus really the Son of God? Do we really encounter the living Lord in the Eucharist? God knows that we struggle to believe in him at times, so he gives us miraculous signs as an aid to our faith. A mature faith has no need of miracles, but how many among us can claim to have that? The shroud of Turin, the veil of Manoppello and the tilma of St. Juan Diego are some examples of the power of God being manifested in visible ways. Look at these articles below!

The shroud OF turin

Science has tried and failed to pass it off as a forgery. When we take the full range of scientific and historical evidence into account, the only conclusion is that the Shroud really is the burial cloth of Jesus


The nature of the image continues to defy science

The Veil of Manoppello 

Striking correspondences with the Shroud are hard to explain away

How the Miracle of the Sun dazzled sceptics

70,00 people witness the 20th century's most spectacular heavenly sign

The miraculous conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne

Rome's most famous conversion is prompted by a vision of Our Lady

The apparition at Tre Fontane, Rome

Atheist who plotted to kill the Pope was converted instantly

Brain damaged boy experiences miraculous healing

The miracle which led to the beatification of Piergiorgio Frassati

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